All About Numbers

Since news got out of the bag, over 50% of Utah Licensing Agreements have been sold. Interviewing dozens of potential partners who desire to acquire markets and territories ranging from 4-8 units across the state. Furthermore, drawing interest and attention from others to take and grow this brand in other states like California, Arizona, Idaho, Alabama, and Tennessee. This has prompted urgency to tighten processes and operations in order to take the brand nationwide! 

The Jurassic Tacos team has been able to master the art of multiplying with a 10 unit taco truck fleet that produces well over $250k in monthly sales. They have taken the same astounding recipes, quality, and family oriented hospitality that you would typically find in their “street taco truck” and successfully applied the same service inside a 1200-1600 square foot facility. Here, friends and families can enjoy the same flavor and culture in a sit down, comfortable environment. All while maintaining a passionate food presentation and culture that comes from the rustic corners of Sinaloa, Mexico, where Fernando and his family originated from.

It appears as this Sinaloa, Mexico infused Utah brand is equipped for immense growth and opportunity. With support from its loyal fan base known across the state, vendors that have supported and believed in the brand from the start, as well as next. partnerships being developed license agreements, it's apparent that Jurassic Tacos has an exciting path in front of them.